Meeting Minutes – October 2011

The meeting was called to order at 6:59PM by President Mike.

Secretary’s Report – Made by President Mike. The minutes of the last meeting were distributed to the club members via TCAF web site. A proposal to approve the minutes was made, seconded and approved by the members present.

Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Aaron Dewitt was absent however reported prior to the meeting there was no change in the treasury. A bill for weed control and sprinkler repair by Ron Neinhuis was submitted.

Safety Report – Safety officer Dave reported that there were no issues in the past month. Frequency pins have been put away for the year so members will need to communicate with one another while flying without them.

New Members – There were no new members present.

Announcements – Jim reports that he has arranged indoor flying at the Holland Civic Center again. Flying time is every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00AM – 11:00AM. Thanks to Jim for setting that up again.

Old Business – The club is still in the dark regarding the Michigan Non-Profit filing for 2011 and 2012 as Mike doesn’t have paperwork for it. There is also concern regarding if the club has to file taxes with the Federal IRS related to changes made to non profit filing status for organizations regardless of size.

The board is asking Treasurer Dewitt to look into the IRS matter further as President was unable to find out from another club what they are doing. Aaron will also let mike know if he paid the incorporation with the State of Michigan and the paperwork was misplaced by Mike.

New Business – The sign will need to be removed from the road and stored for the winter. We will also need to remove the pipe from the pond, store the pump, and clear out the sprinkler lines. Members present agreed to take care of all these things on Wednesday evening at the field. The sign will be brought to Cobblestones for storage for the winter. Steve also reported he will be replacing the flood bulb at the field. Bob and Dave will fix a light fixture as well.

Comments and Questions – None

Next Meeting – November 7th at 7:00PM at Cobblestones Hobby.

Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned by member vote at 7:34PM

Show and Tell – Jim showed a foam F-22 built from RC Powers plans and powered by a 400 sized brushless motor and 3S 2200 battery. Looked sharp!

Jerry had an older delta wing that he had converted from glow power. Looked great and was very light. Looking forward to a flight report after he completes it.

Members Present – Mike, Jim Hartmann, Jerry Timmer, Dan Thomann, Ron Neinhus, Terry Moll, Gene Major, Brian Harvey, Mort Wright, Bob Kovacs, Steve Post, Dave Jamrog, Larry Weller, Tom Schmidt

Side Note – Let’s all work on our handwriting for the roster…ha!

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