Meeting Minutes – April 2014

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order at 7:00pm at Cobblestone Hobbies by Larry Weller

Secretary’s Report

  • Minutes were approved for the March meeting with no discussion

Treasurer’s Report

  • Treasurers Report presented by Dave V. gave a balance in the Treasury of $3,868 and some change
  • The number of members signed and paid to date is around 26.
  • This figure is down from last year, which was in the low 30’s at this time.
  • There is a need to do some serious recruiting if we don’t want to see our dues go up (my commentary).

Safety Report/Field Maintenance

  • Dave Ver Hoef led a discussion on the condition of the field.
  • The drive was sound for vehicle use provided they stay on the gravel drive.
  • Off the drive is wet and soft.
  • The field is fairly firm with some soft spots and dear hoof prints on the east end that could trip up landing gear.
  • Stay out of the farm fields or prepare to have a grave marker set for your sunken body when the mud finally dries.
  • Dave and Bill Porter talked about possibly planting stakes along the drive to discourage driving off the gravel. I don’t know how this is coming along or if they determined no need at this time.
  • Remember to use caution. We want to respect the landlords property and his time to fix problems we might make.

New Members

  • John Ruscher and his son Lucas


  • None


  • None

Old Business

  • The members asked that the board meet this month to discuss summer events. One in particular they definitely would like to see is a repeat of our very successful “fly a RC plane” event last year. In addition to any other event the board brings forward at the May meeting this one they would like a date set.
  • There was discussion about the lease and the members would like us to move quickly to try to secure the lease for another term. There is much concern about the time we have to find a new field should the present landlord not renew the lease. Mike volunteered to work with and introduce Dave Jamrog to Mr. Klingenberg our landlord. (IF asked by Dave)

New Business

  • Dave Jamrog is taking the first hot dog night in May. I [Larry] will take the June meal and Dave Ver Her Hoef is planning for July unless Tom needs or wants to switch with Dave. Otherwise Tom is scheduled by default for August.

Comments and Questions

  • Chit chat included visiting about the Weak Signals Toledo Trade Show from those of us who attended. Although many of us think the Friday attendance to be down some and possibly fewer or shrinking of booth space by some vendors it was, as always a very nice show and a great opportunity to see leading edge technology and new planes and equipment.
  • Larry Weller brought his Chet Lanzo, RC-1 in bare bones condition (cover ready) and Bill Porter showed off his newly and very nicely finished scratch built scale model of a German motor glider for show and tell.

Next Meeting

  • Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 at 9:00AM at the TCAF Flying Field.


  • Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Members Present

  • Mike, Don Breazeale, Rich Moore, Bill Porter, Kennuy Ly, Denny Tiggleman, Scott Storteboom, Tom Ziemba, John Ruscher, Lucas Ruscher

Meeting minutes prepared by Larry Weller (formatted by Mike)

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