Meeting Minutes – September 2014

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order at 9:04AM PM by Dave Jamrog

Secretary’s Report

  • Reviewed August meeting minutes, they were approved by members in attendance

Treasurer’s Report

  • Current club account balance $3,803.79, this is $50 below last year’s balance at this time
  • Finance report was reviewed and approved by members in attendance

Safety Report/Field Maintenance

  • Safety fence repairs completed
  • Fire extinguisher needs to be replaced
  • Safety report approved by members

New Members

  • Randy Schregardus


  • No visitors


  • No announcements

Old Business

  • The club pavilion is being prepped for a fresh coat of paint and the bottom of wood siding is in bad shape. The plan is to replace the damaged area with a new composite bottom board. Dave VerHoef taking lead on painting and repairs. Work to be completed during the month of September.

New Business

  • Larry suggested we send a club letter and individual letters, highlighting our club age and safety highlights to the FAA in support of the model aircraft interpretation. Plan to post club letter at Cobblestone Hobby by 9/11 for all club members to sign. Encouraged to send letter to the FAA, search for model airplane.
  • Klingenberg sign is in bad shape and being removed. The club members will need to review sign ideas during the October club meeting.
  • Elections 2015 Board members:
  • Two positions open VP and Safety officer. Club members voted and approved Scott Stoke for the VP position and John Russcher as Safety Officer.

Comments and Questions

  • Mort suggested / reminded all members that it is everyone’s responsibility to keep our flying site safe, not just the Safety Officer. Speak up do not just rely on one person.

Next Meeting

  • October 6th 7:00 PM Cobblestone Hobby


  • The meeting adjourned at 9:34 AM

Members Present

  • Dave Jamrog, Tom Schmidt, Dave VerHoef, George Keefe, Scott Storteboom, Dan Thomann, Ray Weller, Rich Moore, Don Breazeale, Tom Ziemba, Randy Schregardus, Mort Wright, John Russcher, Lucas Russcher, Ron Nienhuis, Larry Weller, Clayton Russell, Jerry Timmer, Kenny Ly, Bob Kovacs

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