Meeting Minutes – October 2014

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM by Dave Jamrog

Secretary’s Report

  • Reviewed September meeting minutes, they were approved by members in attendance

Treasurer’s Report

  • Deposited a $5 donation
  • $3,760.40 total balance on the books as of this meeting
  • Shelter Repair Cost incurred
  • $32.57 for paint brushes
  • $70.82 for drip edge and lumber material
  • $35.00 Port-john was pumped out and cleaned
  • $8.00 for material to repair sign frame
  • Dave Jamrog to write a thank you letter to Repcolite for supplying donated paint for the site pavilion
  • Dave VerHoef re-installing signs on building
  • Snaps missing on tarps were repaired

Treasurer’s report was approved by members in attendance Safety Report/Field Maintenance

  • Conversation about replacing the locked cabinet lock was discussed, no decision at this time was made on replacing the lock

New Members

  • No new members


  • No visitors


  • No announcements

Old Business

  • Suggestion on what to do with free AMA box of stuff (FM radio sets, flight simulator, toy airplanes, etc.), the members voted and approved to use the items for giveaways during the 2015 flying season

New Business

  • Club sign on the building is in disrepair, discussed a new sign vs. no sign. Motion to leave as is, passed by members present, no sign is planned for re-installation at this time
  • An issue was raised in regards to members flying octocopters/quadcoptors for long periods directly over the field preventing others from flying in the immediate airspace. Suggestions was for the board to review and provide feedback on the issue

Comments and Questions

  • Civic Center flying begins tomorrow October 7th between 9-11 AM. Flying days unless otherwise notified will be Tuesday’s and Thursday’s
  • Upcoming swap meets are Pot of Gold event in South Bend Indiana KC Hall Swap Meet in Grand Rapids
  • Scott Storteboom is reviewing the clubs website for better updated content including calendar events. The suggestion was made for members to contact Scott of upcoming events that can be posted on the club calendar
  • The board will be holding a separate meeting yet this year to review plans and ideas for 2015

Next Meeting

  • November 3rd 7:00 PM Cobblestone Hobby


  • November 3rd 7:00 PM Cobblestone Hobby

Members Present

  • Don Breazeale, Jim Hartman, Dave Jamrog, Bob Kovacs, Rich Moore, Bill Porter, Ryan Storteboom, Scott Storteboom, John Vander Warf, Dave VerHoef, Tom Schmidt, Dave VerHoef, Larry Weller

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