Meeting Minutes – August 2015

Meeting called to order:

  • June 6th at 9:00 AM

Secretary’s Report:

  • July meeting minutes were not reviewed, a motion was made, the minutes were approved

Treasurers Report:

  • 26 paid members in 2015 (35 paid member same time last year)
  • Paid $500 towards field lease
  • Paid $61.16 for gravel
  • Paid $48 for July hotdog night
  • Paid $25 for propane fuel
  • Current club balance $3,106.95 (had $3,700 balance same time last year)
  • Nonprofit status filing due by October 1st, cost is $90
  • Invoice for seasonal mowing due soon
  • Reviewed $600 grant funding was fully paid out for the trainer planes

Safety Report/Field Maintenance:

  • Safety items were not reviewed, John was not able to attend the meeting
  • Club members reviewed the status of the safety sub team that was formed back in June, to date no meeting has taken place

New Members:

  • David Fisher and Joshua Trungen


  • John Kasza


  • All thanked Aaron for providing donuts
  • Mike mentioned that he has a transmitter for sale
  • Scott announced the next kids fly is scheduled for August 29 at 9AM and reviewed other misc. details
    • Kids fly total 23 participants, 6 were adults
    • One of the trainer planes was damaged and since been fixed
    • Reviewed safety and had a bunch of new kids
    • Dave mentioned more helpers needed at kids fly events, many visitors have questions that can be answered off the field while not flying
    • No real issues or problems, remind kids about safety around the planes

Old Business:

  • George Keefe sent out a list of our existing club rules to the safety sub team that was formed back in June as a bases to start from. Dave J. stated we need to make progress and keep the safety rules discussion moving forward. George offered to reach out to John R. to see if  he has time to chair the sub team committee

New Business:

  • Article 5 board members elections, all board member stated their willingness to continue their post for in 2016 except for Tom Schmidt. Elections will be held during the September meeting.
  • A suggestion to put a can out for donations on hotdog night was made
  • Dave V. mentioned he accepts donations year round for the club
  • One of the table seats legs is broken members agreed to fix it
  • Reminder on AMA membership, if paid by 9/14 you will pay 2015 rates for 2016 and/or 2017
  • The AMA requires a form be placed on file with airports that are within 5 miles of club fields. Dave V. sent paper work to AMA and is waiting for their follow up


  • Kid’s fly event will be held on August 29 at 9AM
  • Potluck night will take place September 2 at 6PM

Comments and Questions:

  • None

Next Meeting:

  • September club meeting is scheduled for September 12 at 9AM (at the field)

Meeting adjourned:

  • 9:45AM

Meeting attendees:

Dave Jamrog, Jerry Timmer, Donald Breazeale, Mike,  Mort Wright, Bill Porter, Rich Moore, Kenny Ly, Scott Storteboom, Ryan Storteboom, George Keefe, Tom Schmidt, Larry Weller, Dave VerHoef, Dan Thomann, Aaron DeWitt, Bob Kovaks, Jim Tibbitts

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