Meeting Minutes – May 2016

Meeting called to order:

  • 9:00 AM by President Dave J

Secretary’s Report:

  • Minutes from previous meeting approved by member vote

Treasurers Report:

  • $2970 in account
  • No new expenses
  • 24 paid members

Safety Report/Field Maintenance:

  • New rules are on web site

New Members:

  • None


  • None


  • TCAF is in the District 7 report in the AMA magazine
  • Cub scouts will be at field today

Old Business:

  • None

New Business:

  • None


  • May public flying event will be moved

Comments and Questions:

  • None

Next Meeting

  • Saturday, June 4th at 9:00am at the TCAF field

Meeting adjourned:

  • 9:15 by member vote

Meeting attendees:

  • Dave J, Jim H, Ray W, Mort W, David V, Rich M, Jerry T, Mike T, Larry W, Bill P, Kenny L, John K, David F, Scott S, Ryan S, Peter L, George O

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