Bill Rowan

I regret to inform you that former member Bill Rowan passed away this week. He was the ripe old age of 92. He flew and helped around the club until he was 87 years old. May he now enjoy eternal calm winds and blue skies.

Potluck Club Fly

Thanks to everyone that came out and brought food last night. I think there were many full bellies after the event, at least I needed to let one notch out on my belt. It has been another wonderful summer of flying with great food and conversation. As the days become shorter and temperature cooler get to the field as much as you can as the white stuff will be falling sooner than you think. Take a look at the pictures from the cook out!


Helicopter at the Field

Kenny’s friend Bill, a member of a R/C club in Grand Raipds stopped by on Saturday and brought his helicopter. It truly is a think of beauty. Unfortunately while flying he hit a wrong switch on his transmitter and it went into the weeds. Nothing serious broke expect stripping out a servo control horn.