Meeting Minutes – August 2013

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order at 9:00 by President

Secretary’s Report

  • Last meeting minutes approved by vote of members present

Treasurer’s Report

  • $3846.77 in account
  • No new members, 2 new member prospects
  • $20 non profit needed to be paid

Safety Report/Field Maintenance

  • Grass looks better
  • Tree west of field has been eating planes again, watch out.
  • Nickname of “Charlie Brown” will be give to anyone that crashes into it, Bill Porter on 8/17 was last one I saw.

New Members

  • None


  • Tom


  • None

Old Business

  • Aug 17th Event, need more folks out
  • Ron has new club trainer ready

New Business

  • Club needs new ways of making money
  • September meeting will be time for board member nominations. The Secretary, and President seats will be open this year. Mike is not seeking re-election.

Comments and Questions

  • None

Next Meeting

  • September 7th at 9:00am at the field


  • Meeting adjourned at 9:23am by vote of members present

Members Present

  • Mike, Larry Weller, Ron Nienhuis, Dan Thomann, Kenny Ly, Mort Wright, Bill Porter (aka Charlie Brown), Jerry Timmer, Richard Moore, Ray Weller, David VerHoef, David Jamrog, Jim Tibbitts, Tom Ziemba

Upcoming Events In the Area

TCAF has been forwarded a few events by other local clubs we want to pass on. Read below for details of each!

Kent Radio Aero Modelers (KRAMS) First Anual IMAC scale aerobatics competition will be held August 24th and 25th at their field. Details of the event can be found in the flier at their site in the flyer at their site

KRAMS will also honor our war veterans with their annual Veterans Fly-In on September 14. Veterans from several wars will be in attendance, so bring your warbirds (not required) and enjoy a day of flying. The public is invited out to watch and honor the vets with them. A burger & brat lunch will be available. Details in the flyer at their site here

A swap and sell meet will be held at Walter’s RC Park on September 14th as well. More details can be found on their website here.

Thanks for watching and get out there and enjoy some late season events!

A Note From The President

Fellow Members,

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you that came out today to join in the event hosted at the field.

Numerous buddy box flights were done on the two club trainers and the Radians with folks interested in RC airplanes and flight.

Folks had a great time at the field and it was great seeing all the members out to help, talk to folks, and fly for everyone to watch. A true win in the club score card.

I would also like to take a moment to let everyone know how important the next two meetings are for the club. Board member nominations and elections will happen and they are very important to the continued growth and momentum of the club.

This year we will again have an opening for the position of Secretary as well as an opening for President. I am not able to continue in my role as President and will need to step down.

This is truly an opportunity, and a need, for someone to step forward and take a seat on the board. Please consider nominating yourself for a board position and doing something great for the club, it needs you.

Thank you again,

– Mike

August 17th National Aviation Day Event

Learn to fly a radio controlled airplane

Would you like to try your hand at flying a radio controlled airplane?  Try it with a “buddy box.”  The buddy box is a second transmitter linked by wire to an instructor pilot’s transmitter.  The Tulip City Air Force (TCAF) flying club is offering a chance to experience flying a model plane on Saturday, August 17th, 9:00am – 2:00pm, at their flying field southeast of Holland, MI. off 146th Ave. This learning event is free to the public and open to any individual 10 years or older. 

Flying a trainer model with an instructor and “buddy box” is a fast and fun way to learn.   Even experienced pilots of full size aircraft find radio control piloting much different than the planes they regularly fly.  Training with a buddy box and instructor benefits your learning curve.   Students find it saves money and time in repairs.

While you pilot a radio control plane your flying instructor can monitor your performance.  The instructor has a switch on his transmitter allowing you full control of the airplane with your buddy box.  The instructor takes over for the most difficult parts of flying a model airplane, taking off and landing.   It looks easy but most find it very challenging. 

The Tulip City Air Force of Holland, MI in association with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is one of over 100 clubs nationwide celebrating National Aviation Day August 17, 2013.  Additionally, there will be flying demonstrations of a variety of model airplanes and helicopters at the field.

For more than 75 years the AMA has worked directly with the FAA in behalf of model airplane enthusiasts of all disciplines to promote safety when sharing the skies with full size airplanes.  Members of this national organization benefit in many other ways, some of which include generous liability insurance to individual members as well as property owners where they fly.  The AMA organization, headquartered in Muncie, IL owns a vast amount of land where the “Nationals”, a many-event contest for all types of models, are held every year in the summer.   The AMA also delivers members a highly polished monthly magazine, “Model Aviation” devoted to a wide variety of flying models.  Most importantly the organization emphasizes safety to its members.

The (TCAF) flying field in located Southeast of Holland – take Waverly Rd. (120th Ave.) south to E 48th St. which will turn into 146th Ave. and turn left. Go approximately 3/4 of a mile to the (TCAF) Club sign staked in the lawn just in front of the gravel drive to the field.National-Aviation-Day-Poster-2013