Auction After the November Meeting

Fellow TCAF Members,

We will be auctioning off RC equipment after the November 9th meeting.

Larry Waters, a former club member come to my house Friday and gave me all his RC equipment. He and his son Andy had given up RC aircraft flying some time back. His request is that the equipment be auctioned off to the membership and the proceeds go to the club. Larry has fond memories of past auctions when members bid at auction on items donated to the club.

Items to be auctioned include: 2 electric foamies with brushed motors, 1 foamie kit, 1 Balsa USA glider kit, 5 FM radio TX’s, many FM receivers, Monocote, flight boxes (2), battery chargers, electric motor, glow engine (over heated needs repair), building equipment, balsa material. All kinds of hardware including wheels, motor mounts push rods, etc. etc. etc. Books and manuals. Lots of other stuff.

So come to the November meeting with lots of cash in your pocket to purchase as many items as you might want. Come early so you can look over the items and plan your bidding strategy. I’m looking forward to seeing a large member turnout for this event.

Thank you Larry for your thoughtfulness and your generosity.

Jerry Timmer
TCAF Secretary

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