October Newsletter

Hello Fellow Fliers,

This is a reminder about the November meeting next week Tuesday 9th
at the Park Township Hall, 1464 Ottawa Beach Rd. Repeat, that’s
Tuesday not our usual day earlier, better to not mention that day so
there is no confusion. Bring your wallet! There will be some
modeling items available for sale donated by a former club member
Larry Waters. Items will be broken up into small units to keep the
price as reasonable as possible…proceeds will go into the club
coffers. If any of you have something you can part with to donate to
the sell please feel free to bring it to the meeting.

We have another new member joining the club, Geoff, Williams.
Hopefully he can join us at the meeting so we can have an opportunity
to meet him as flying time grows short at the field. Aaron met him
out at the field the other day, said he flew well and shouldn’t
require training. Aaron posted Geoff’s picture on the website.

Speaking of the field the weather this past month has been phenomenal.
For my interest with thermal gliders it has been the best 30 days of
the year. Since the corn has been picked the combination of exposed
earth, cool nights and rapidly warming days has provided exception
lift opportunities. I have had a number of long flights with my hand
launch glider. Many of my flights have ranged from 7 minutes to my
current record of 21 minutes, 37 seconds. There is also the advantage
of an easy walk to go get your plane when it lands off the field.
Fortunately I have only had on major trek out there this year to
retrieve a little combat foamie. I hope others have taken the
opportunity to get out and fly this past October it has been pretty
quiet the days I have been there. That is to say not many pilots at
the field…not quiet just because I either fly without motors or use
electric power. That I call peaceful.

Please go to the website for details of the meeting Tuesday. There is
a link to click for directions provided by MapQuest to Park Township
Hall. To find our site type in http://www.TulipCityAirForce.com

See you at the meeting Tuesday and don’t forget if you would like to
get your membership paid up and out of the way before the end of the
year this is a good opportunity Tuesday.


Larry Weller – Vice President Tulip City Air Force

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