TCAF New Pilot Mentoring Program

TCAF would like to introduce a new pilot mentoring program to help new members learn to fly.

New Pilot Mentoring Program

Getting started in radio controlled airplanes can be an exciting and rewarding hobby however crashing your new plane is not how anyone wants to start out.

Whether you want to start with electric, glow power models, or gliders, Tulip City Air Force, a Holland based AMA sanctioned club would like to help new pilots get their wings.*

Mentors will assist with:**

  • Checking new planes before their first flight to ensure airworthiness.
  • Teaching model aviation principals and operation based on years of experience.
  • Assist during those first critical flights to ensure the plane is flying like it should be.
  • Provide flight training using ‘buddy boxes’ during flights. (TCAF members own them for most radio systems)

For more information regarding our club or feel free to contact us at or use the Club Officers and Contacts page to call our President.

* TCAF does not provide models, new pilots must have their own.

** New pilots must join the Academy of Model Aeronautics and Tulip City Air Force to participate.

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