TCAF Events For 2011

We have decided on three events this year and it’s time to set dates and let folks know. More details to follow but we needed some initial info put out.

The first event is the Community Fly event on May 21 with a rain date of May 22. The focus of this event will be to have trainers available with buddy boxes to let folks interested in model aviation get some introductory flight time. Event will run from 9:00AM – 3:00PM.

We will need volunteers to help with pilots, spotters, safety, and sign ups so please contact Mike if you can help.

Two Fun Fly events will be held on July 16th with 17th as rain date for the first, and September 10th with 11th for rain date for the second. Information will be sent out to other clubs inviting them to join us for events like combat, limbo, spot landing and others to be determined. Pilot registration for the Fun Fly events will be $10.

Please let Mike know if you have questions or comments at Hope to see you there!

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