The Velox Lives!

Saturday was not only a good day for training but also a great day to maiden a plane. I am happy to report that the Velox lived to see another day. After tuning in the DLE-30 it was time to try flying it. I will admit, I was extremely nervous. However after the wheels left the ground and the plane flew as straight as an arrow with no trimming needed I knew I was alright. The 3D Hobby Shop Velox is by far the best flying airplane in my fleet. I swear it is a 10lb airplane that floats around like a foamie. I cannot wait to get out the field and fly it again. Hopefully I will be a 3D master by the end of this season!

4 thoughts on “The Velox Lives!

  1. Left the ground perfectly and flew like it was on rails. Looking forward to seeing it tear up the sky again.

  2. Congrats on the sucessful maiden. I knew you would love that plane/engine combo. Here’s to many hours of flying pleasure.

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