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Wedensday’s Maiden of Super Star – Rich Moore

These pictures I took just before I maddened my 26 cc gas powered Super Star, has 70 inch wingspan. Thankfully, it returned to the pits just as nice as it looked in picture. The plane flew very well, no bad tendencies and landed very smoothly. I believe I will like flying this plane during summer months, when they finally do come.

Rich Moore

3 Responses

  1. I dislike spell checkers, when you do not read carefully what they are changing! Should read maidened not maddened

  2. Nice job Rich, looks like a really nice plane. It will be nice to see it in the air!

  3. Hi Rich, glad to read that you had a good maiden. Looking forward to seeing it fly at our field. Now if we could only get some nice weather. Jerry

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