TCAF Take Off And Grow Community Event Follow Up


If you didn’t make it out on Saturday May 21st for the event you did miss a good time. I wanted to thank the members that did come out and do demo flights, buddy box flights, and talk to people that were on hand and had questions.

On Saturday 13 people did at least one flight with a buddy box and all reported having a great time and learning a lot about the hobby. Of those people five reported already having planes and a few expressed interest in joining. Hopefully we see a new member or two as a result. I still feel it was a success just to get people out and see the hobby in action.

One downside was the Holland Sentinel never did put our event add in the paper so all the traffic we had was from Cobblestones and the great sign Larry made for us. The Sentinel was emailed the information, and I spoke with them on the phone and invited them out, they just didn’t show, no wonder newspapers and print media are going the way of the dinosaur.

Thank you again to everyone for coming out and making it a success. Let’s get our heads together and do this again in June.

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