TCAF – Important Note from the President

I wanted to take a moment and pass on some information to members as well as make folks aware of what the next few meetings mean to the club.

Our last planned hot dog night of the year will be September 7th and Larry will be hosting. Let’s make it a big night and keep him busy on the grill and have a good time.

I have heard comments about the website password for the member area and have changed it to (SEE EMAIL). Hopefully that will be easier to remember. Change is always good.

Speaking of change that brings me to the more important info of this message. The last three meetings of the year, September through November, are quite important to TCAF. Board member nominations are to take place at the September meeting and anyone interested in serving on the board must have their nomination in by the conclusion of that meeting. Absentee nominations are allowed by contacting Mike. Voting will be held at the October meeting and new board members can take effect then, or at the November meeting.

It may not seem like it, but this is important to the club. In an organization like this, it’s important that leadership doesn’t get stagnant. It’s also important that everyone recognize that each of us carry responsibility to lead and take that chance.

This year the secretary and president positions will be be open. Our current secretary, Jerry, will be stepping down after four years in the position. He has done a great job and we thank him for it. The president’s position has been good to me for the one year I served, however I am not sure I can keep up the momentum the club has got going for another year with changes in my personal life.

I would encourage each of you to consider serving on the board. Although other positions may not be open, you are more than welcome to throw your hat in for them and I highly encourage it.

Thank you and I hope to see all of you at the next meeting.

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