3DHS 89″ Slick Build Has Started!

My belated birthday present finally showed up on my door step last week. I have stepped up to a 50cc sized plane and cannot wait to get out there and fly it. First things first though, the plane needs to be assembled. The slick came in two boxes and was packaged extremely well. I cannot believe the quality of the plane itself, the covering is tight and looks amazing in person. I plan on powering this plane with a DLE-55 using HS-7955TG servos. The plane will have a 89″ wingspan, 91″ long with a wing loading of 1500 sq inches. The weight is supposed to be between 17-19lbs. So far I have attached the landing gear and the tail wheel. The next step will be gluing in the rudder. I will be updating the blog on my build status.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

One thought on “3DHS 89″ Slick Build Has Started!

  1. Hey Aaron great you got the plane, now you can enjoy making it your own in the build. Looks like it will be a good looking plane. Enjoy.
    Rich M

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