Steven’s Aero AR Build 3

I was able to work on the plane a little bit more tonight. I painted the wing and tail feathers. The pictures really does not show how bright it is. I painted the underside white but it was a really light coat so it is mainly white wash balsa. All of my parts arrived from Hobbyking. Only took 10 days to get here from Hong Kong. Not bad at all! I epoxied the motor mount to the CF tube. I had to use a little electrical tape to make the CF tube larger. After the epoxy was set I added a little thin CA for extra strength. I then used thin CA to glue the tail on. Tomorrow I will will probably glue the wing on and start installing the electronics. This should be a pretty fast build for the experienced builder. I am having a good time with it so far. With the weather we are having who knows maybe I can still maiden it this year? 🙂

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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