Steven’s Aero Build is Finished!

The build has been completed. I figure with the great December weather we have been having I probably will be able to fly it this year yet! The last building notes I can give is that I wrapped the ESC and RX in tape before CA’ing them to the wing. You also need to put the ESC in high timing mode for the motor I choose. My Turnigy programing card did not work so it was a pain in the butt. The aileron throws are about 1/4″ in each direction. The elevator is supposedly more sensitive going down, so I have 3/16″ of up elevator and about the width of the elevator going down. I am also running 20% expo on each control surface. One thing I did run into using the HXT5G servos are that the bottoms are not glued on, they pull off very easily. Either tape or glue them down. When I removed the battery the Velcro actually ripped the bottom of the servos off.  I glued a small 1/16″ piece of ply over the servo bottoms to prevent this from happening again. It will be a little heavier but I am not to concerned. Given the size of the airplane a little bit slower will not matter. I hope you have enjoyed the progress of this build as much as I did building it. If you spent sometime to build the plane you could easily do it in a full day.

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One thought on “Steven’s Aero Build is Finished!

  1. FYI I crashed this plane after about 10 seconds of flight. It would have helped to have someone launch it for me so I could have both hands on the sticks to trim it out. The wing cracked off, it was a good clean crack so I could CA it back together. I toned down the throws, however when I went to fly again I appear to have some electrical problems. My throttle is not responsive. Talked to Mike and he said to check the speed controller and check out my solder connections between the motor and ESC. Need to do that yet. I also need to get building my AJ Slick. Spring is coming!!!!!!

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