The 89″ Slick Flies!

Well it finally happened on Sunday. Dave and my wife Rachael got to enjoy watching me maiden the 89″ Slick. It was a bit more exciting than what I wanted it to be. Even though my low rates were to spec it was a bit much for the maiden. It made the bit of trim I had to put into it a little fun to say the least. I went ahead and had a nice gentle 8 minute flight to start the breaking in process of the motor. The landing was not perfect as I had a small bounce and got a little closer to the pond that I would have liked but it came home in one piece with no damage. I cannot wait to put some more time on the sticks!
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

One thought on “The 89″ Slick Flies!

  1. Aaron if it flies close to as well as my 89″ Gold Wing Yak 55m, you wil really enjoy it. Have fun, see you in four or five weeks,
    Rich Moore

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