A Note From the President – Board Member Nominations and Positions


I wanted to take a moment to remind the members of how important the next few club meetings are. If you aren’t aware the September meeting is when board member nominations for the following year are accepted. Voting takes place at the October meeting and officers start at the November meeting in their new roles.

This last year TCAF did not have an acting Secretary on the board. Although that may not seem bad, it doesn’t bode well for the future if we cannot get members to step up and be board members. Many of the older members have served on the board in one or more positions for multiple years, they have taken a turn so to speak.

This year, our Treasurer has expressed that he would like to step down after three years, and I would like to step down after two years as President.

To that end, please take a moment to think about serving the club in any one of the board positions. The work is minimal, not much more than attending meetings and performing a few small duties to help the club we all love continue on. This is your chance to lead a great group and make a positive impact.

Thank you,


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