Maiden of Eagle

Today, Monday the 10 th of September I had the pleasure of putting the first two flights on my newly acquired and prepared Christian Eagle. It is the Great Planes Giant Scale Eagle II. It is powered by a near new DA 50. It has six Futuba 9020 servos, 1 Hitec high torque for Rudder, and 2 cheaper standard Futuba for throttle and choke. I have added a ExelRC optical kill switch, and it has TME smart smoke pump, hope try that tomorrow. I put in two flights, after a bit of trimming after first take off, and extending the range of my sight, (thanks Bob for being my eyes for a few moments while trimming), it settled into a fine flying machine. The landing went well, how be it, with one bounce before settling safely to the earth.
The second flight was used to try many maneuvers to see how it handled them, all very well. The second landing, did not bounce but was quite hot, I will have to learn to trust it to slow down more. Really a joy to fly.
The plane was previously owned and flown about ten times before I obtained it.
Rich Moore

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