First Flight and First Crash

This is not a happy set of pictures, but we should learn from this. The plane took off was perfectly in trim and flying well, when all of a sudden one wing folded and down came the plane with some force. What happened. Some times one cannot tell, but this time it was clear. I had a more minor crash last fall due to on aileron not working. I repaired the plane, the only damage to the wings was a broken carbon fiber wing tube. Rather than spend forty to fifty dollars for a new one, I took a piece of aluminum tube that fit tightly in the carbon fiber tube, it was about four inches and epoxied the carbon tube that had broken cleanly to the aluminum, making what I thought was an excellent repair. Well I flew it twice last fall fine. And so did not expect any trouble, but the epoxy evidently let loose, and with force on wing the tube started to slip and then began to split. The wing broke loose with its part of tube and the other part was still in plane with the wing bolts still attached to the ripped out rib of the departed wing. Result Crash!!

3 thoughts on “First Flight and First Crash

  1. It was a beautiful flying day until the crash, I suppose I will have to finish my other big plane and trade or sell DLE 55, and lease a 110 cc
    Rich Moore

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