Meeting Minutes – October 2013

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order at 7:10 by Ex Prez Mike

Secretary’s Report

  • Last meeting minutes approved by vote of members present

Treasurer’s Report

  • $3831.35 in account
  • Non profit done $20
  • ~$35 still to be paid for Port-O-Jon

Safety Report/Field Maintenance

  • Sign needs to come down and stored
  • Pump still winterized from last year (never used)

New Members

  • None


  • None


  • KRAM club swap meet Sunday 10/27th
  • KRAM indoor flying ( Mike will post schedule)

Old Business

  • Board elections – Larry, Chad, Dave, Dave, Tom (Secretary) all approved
  • Big Bird??? Tabled but MUST BE DECIDED NOV MEETING

New Business

  • Pay attention to lease (Expires end of 2014)
  • Meeting attendance is low…very low

Comments and Questions

  • We need to find a way to get more members, or just more participation from non members that may spark more membership or income.
  • Need new way to get young members
  • Most airplane sales are park flyers and not interested in joining clubs

Next Meeting

  • Monday Nov 4th 7:00PM at Cobblestones


  • 7:53PM by vote

Members Present

  • Tom Schmidt, Ron Neinhuis, Rich Moore, Dan Thomann, David VerHoef, Mike, Dave Jamrog, Lary “Late” Weller

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