Meeting Minutes – November 2013

Call to Order

• Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Dave Jamrog

Secretary’s Report

• Last meeting minutes approved by vote of members present

Treasurer’s Report

• $3,976.35 (current club balance)

• Received 2014 dues from two members

• Paid Porta John clean out $35

• Will pay 50% of 2014 lease payment in mid December

• Will pay $1,000 for moving services in January

• Discussed the future use of a Cash Flow Statement

Safety Report/Field Maintenance

• Club sign has been removed for Winter storage at Cobblestone Hobby

New Members

• One new member Donald Breazeale…..welcome to the club!


• No visitors


• No announcements

Old Business

• KRAMS swap meet (AMA provided club package to TCAF consisting of a shirt, samples of small wood airplanes, one Real Flight Simulator, literature, 5 Zebra 4 channel radios (FM). Board will review plan to on how best utilize club package and respond at a future club meeting.

• Big Bird event discussed by members and decided too costly to proceed with. Voted on event, it did not pass member approval.

New Business

• Dave reviewed ideas on increasing membership, current trend people are buying/flying park flyers. Has effect of decreasing membership numbers (current trend). How do we involve park flyer crowd, in order to get them involved in club flying. Dave proposed an indoor flying event; member thought it is a good idea and worth pursuing if we can find a venue. It would be an opportunity to hold an event(s) to promote club, do fundraiser 50/50 raffle etc. Dave J. will seek out location opportunities that would house an event. Mike suggested checking with Boys & Girls club to see if they have availability in their facility.

• Rich mentioned organizing an information area/model display at a mall to spark interest in our hobby.

• Bob Kovacs recommended doing one to two events at the field per month and promoting the benefits of being a member of a club as a means to increase membership.

Comments and Questions

• Bob Kovacs asked treasurer for summary of annual run-rate cost, i.e. what does it cost to operate the club on an annual bases.

• Club membership is currently at 35, overall membership has declined by approximately 20 members over the past couple of years.

• Dave J. reviewed member attendance at meetings, 1/3 of membership participates at meetings

Next Meeting

• March 3rd, 2014 Cobblestone Hobby


• 7:52PM by vote

Members Present

• Board Members: Dave Jamrog, Larry Weller, Dave VerHoef, Tom Schmidt

• Members: Donald Breazeale, Kenny Ly, Rich Moore, Tom Ziemba, Jim Hartman, Bob Kovacs, Mike Ros, Mike

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