Alpha Sport 450 Maiden Flight

Alpha Sport 450
Alpha Sport 450

My son Lucas was able to maden his Alpha Sport 450 this past Saturday. We were able to get two flights on it. The first flight we handed the transmitter back and forth, which did not work so well. The second flight we borrowed a buddy box and cable which worked much better.

John Russcher

5 thoughts on “Alpha Sport 450 Maiden Flight

  1. John

    We are looking at the same airplane. Did you like how it flew?
    Are the wheels large enough on the grass?

    1. Scott,

      I have some 2 1/2″ wheels in my shop. But I think I was some Dubro 3″ wheels on the wall at Cobblestone. Also, I know they can order the 2 1/2″ ones and have them in a couple days. My 2 1/2″ ones seem to work well.

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