Meeting Minutes – March 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

Secretary’s Report

  • November meeting minutes were read and approved by all members in attendance.

Safety Report

  • Jim Hartman shared that he flew his electric airplane into his head while flying at the civic center. A little
    blood was drawn but nothing that required more than a bandaid. Lesson learned, don’t fly over your head at low altitude OR duct faster before you hit yourself.


  • Toledo show ‐ April 10th, 11th and 12th
  • SWAP Til You Drop 2015 ‐ April 4th 2015, 8am to 12pm

Treasure Report

  • Checkbook balance $3,759.82
  • Expenses that have been paid,
    ‐ Post office $100
    ‐ Lawn Mowing $705
    ‐ 2015 first half field lease $500
    ‐ AMA Charter renewal $90
  • 24 members have paid their 2015 dues
  • The treasurer’s report was approved by all members in attendance

Old Business

  • none

New Business

  • Kids Indoor Fly at Ridge Pointe Church ‐ Two events were held with 9 to 12 kids at each event. A total of 18 kids participated in the two events that were held. One more event is scheduled for March 21st.(Update, the March 21st event was canceled do to scheduling conflicts for many of the kids)
  • TAG Grant ‐ The AMA gives out a grant for up to $1,000 for clubs to put on an evnet(s ) that introduce model aviation to friends , families , neighbors , kids , etc. The officers applied for a grant which would allow us to purchase three electric airplanes to be us ed for at 4 events for kids and parents this summer. We are tentatively planing on holding events on the following four dates , May 30th, June 27th, July 25th, and Aug 29th.
  • Hot Dog Nights . We will be having four hot dog nights this summer. May 6th(Dave Jamrod), June 3rd(John Russcher), July 1s t(Scott Storteboom) and August 5th (Tom Schmidt).
  • Event ‐ Saturday, June 20th ‐ Invite area clubs to come and fly at our field.
  • Event ‐ Saturday, August 15th ‐ TCAF club fun fly.
  • Shelter Sign ‐ A picture of a new proposed sign for the south side of our shelter was shown. This proposed
    sign will be made out of a corrugated plastic material with an aluminum skin on the front and back. A vinyl full color sticker will be placed on one side. The sign will be screwed/bolted to the shelter. A couple concerned were brought up. How long before the sign would start to fade? Can there be a frame added to the sign to keep “stuff” from getting inside the sign.
  • A motion was made to table this until next month. The motion was approved by all members in attendance.
    Larry Weller made a motion to approve spending up to $300 on a new sign. The motion passed with 12
    yes and 1 no.
  • It was brought up to spend money on safety related and maintenance issues . Driveway, cement, tables , etc. We discussed all of these items and the officers have already been talking about the cement and tables . Plans for bringing in crushed concrete/asphalt was dis cus s ed last fall with Ron Nienhuis . The driveway will be addressed when Ron returns from Florida later this month.

Next Meeting

  • April 6th at 7pm at Cobblestone Hobbies

Meeting Adjourned at 8:12pm

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