Meeting Minutes – April 2015

Meeting called to order

  • 7:03pm

Secretary’s Report

  • The March meeting minutes were read and approved by all members in attendance.

Treasures Report

  • Checkbook balance $3,819.82, $600 from the AMA grant that we received, Total $4,419.82
  • 26 paid members
  • The treasures report was approved by all members in attendance

Old Business

  • Driveway – The driveway is not in the best shape. It defiantly needs some fill in several places. Two of the officers will be talking to Steve about him supplying some crushed concrete/asphalt. If they don’t get a favorable response we will take it upon ourselves to get some material delivered to the driveway for spreading. Rod Nienhuis is still planning on helping with this.
  • We discussed the revised sign for the shelter.  A motion was made to purchase the sign from Signs Now because of the better core material that they were making the sign out of. The motion was approved by all in attendance.
  •  Larry Weller talked about the FAA’a sUAS NPRM. The AMA has a nice write up and a template that can we used to submit your comment. Here is the link to the AMA write up, There is a link at the bottom of that page that goes directly to the FAA comment page. Please take the time to read through AMA’s response and submit your comment.

New Business

  • Dave talked about the AMA History Project,, The AMA is looking for historical club information. If you have knowledge of our clubs beginnings please email Dave VerHoef,, with your club history information.
  • Dave is going to put the road sign back out in the next week or so. He is also planning on painting some of the sign framework once it warms up.
  • Dave also brought up that the field needs rolling. Steve has done this in the past.
  • Google Group, we have a google group set up to allow club members to communicate between each other. Anything posted in this group can only be seen my club members that subscribe to it. If you want an invite to the group or more information on how it works please contact Scott Storteboom,

Next Meeting:

  • May 2nd at 9am, at the club field

Meeting Adjourned:

  • 7:58pm

Members Present: Don Breazeale, Aaron DeWitt, James Hartmann, Kenny Ly, Peter Ly, Richard Moore, Bill Porter, John Russcher, Ryan Storteboom, Scott Storteboom, David VerHoef, Larry Weller, Tom Ziemba

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