Meeting Minutes – July 2015

Meeting called to order:

  • July 11 at 9:00 AM

Secretary’s Report:

  • June meeting minutes were approved by all members in attendance.

Treasury Report:

  • The bank account currently contains $3,053.54.
  • Disbursements for the month were to John Russcher for $58.87 for the June Hot Dog night and $43.82 for the July Hot Dog night.
  • 2nd half lease payment of $500 to the owner.
  • Received dues of $60 and a $6 donation which were deposited.
  • $63 are outstanding for the driveway rock.
  • 28 members have paid in

Safety Report/Field Maintenance:

  • No new items
  • Safety committee is yet to have their first meeting

New Members:

  • There were no new members present


  • There were no visitors present


  • Next kids flying event is July 25 at 9 am. Please invite kids, neighbors, etc.  Will spend time teaching safety at this meeting.
  • CARDS giant scale is the weekend of July 18.

Old Business:

  • Crushed concrete was installed in driveway.

New Business:

  • Tom Schmidt will not seek the secretary position for next year. Nominations will be made at the August 1 meeting.

Comments and Questions:

  • Appreciation was expressed for the driveway repairs.

Next Meeting:

  • August 1 at the club field, 9AM

Meeting adjourned:

  • at 9:20AM

Meeting attendees: Dave Jamrog, Donald Breazeale, Mike, Ron Nienhuis, Bill Porter, Rich Moore, Scott Storteboom, George Keefe, Larry Weller, Mike Rose, Denny Tiggleman, Dan Thomann, Bob Kovacs, Jim Tibbitts, Ray Weller

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