Meeting Minutes – June 2015

Meeting called to order:

  • June 6th at 9:00 AM

Secretary’s Report:

  • May meeting minutes were read and approved by all members in attendance.

Treasury Report:

  • Sabastien Charroud and Justin Rutkauskas paid their 2015 dues $60 donation
  • New sign cost: $316.01
  • Purchased two fire extinguishers for $29.55
  • Current checkbook balance $3,654.26
  • Dave Jamrog was reimbursed $64.03 for Hot Dog night supplies
  • John Russcher was reimbursed $58.00 for Hot Dog night supplies

Safety Report/Field Maintenance:

  • The new sign was installed
  • Buckets of sand installed
  • When flying electric planes please place a sand bucket on the flight line
  • Remember if you experience a problem with a battery, dump sand on it, don’t touch the battery
  • Dave Ver Hoef installed some new screws in the tables to strengthen them
  • Rich raised question about location of where to place planes to start, place between the fence lines.
    Dave Jamrog presented a motion to review our field safety guideline. It was decided by the member to create a sub team to, which will be comprised of 5 members. Member are John Russcher, Bill Porter, George Keefe, Jim Hartmann and Mort Wright. Subcommittee participants were approved by the club members present
  • Bill Porter reminded all that mobile carts need to be returned to the concrete slab

New Members

  • There were no new members present


  • There were no visitors present


  • There were no new announcements.

Old Business

  • Dave Jamrog and Ron Nienhuis are going to install $80 worth of crushed concrete in driveway

New Business

  • There was no new business


  • CARDS Warbirds and Classics Airshow June 4,5 & 6.
  • June 6th youth fly was cancelled due to weather
  • July 1st next Hotdog night at 6PM, Scott Storteboom will be the grill master
  • July club meeting July 11 at 9AM

Comments and Questions

  • None

Next Meeting

  • July 11 at the club field, 9AM

Meeting adjourned:

  • 9:35AM

Meeting attendees: Dave Jamrog, Jerry Timmer, Donald Breazeale, Mike, Mort Wright, Ron Nienhuis, Bill Porter, Rich Moore, Kenny Ly, Peter Ly, John, Russcher, Scott Storteboom, Ryan Storteboom, George Keefe, Tom Schmidt, Larry Weller, Mike Rose, Dave VerHoef, Denny Tiggleman, Clayton Russell, Dan Thomann

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