Meeting Minutes – September 2015

Meeting called to order:

  • September 12th at 9:00 AM

Secretary’s Report:

  • August meeting minutes were reviewed, Dave V. requested a change to the reference of a Propane expenditure in August, the expenditure was for club trainer airplane fuel, a motion was made to approve the Secretary’s report, the minutes were approved

Treasurers Report:

  • Dave V. paid Tom S. $62.37 for purchases in support of the August club Hot Dog night
  • Donation by Don Breazeale, he sold a plane and donated $25 to the club
  • Spent $27.08 to repair two table legs and to purchase soda for the Potluck event
  • The clubs current checking account balance is $3,102.50
  • Email from AMA suggested someone from the club meet with the airport administrator to work out agreeable arrangements in support of the 5 miles club field proximity to the airport

Once the new board member is approved the officers will submit the clubs nonprofit renewal application

  • Dave V. and George made repairs to the damaged bench legs and leveled the no smoking sign…(club members thanked both Dave and George for their hard work and dedication to the club field)
  • A motion to approve the Treasures report was made and approved

Safety Report/Field Maintenance:

  • The safety sub team met, proposed a new rule for electric planes, which if approved would go into effect spring of 2016
    • Proposed Rule 18
      Electric aircraft, helicopters and multi-rotor should not have their batteries plugged in or be armed in the pits. The batteries should be plugged in or the system armed at the flight line fence or on one of the two fold up tables along the flight line fence. In either case the aircraft should be pointing towards the north; away from the pit area. After your flight you must disarm your motor by disconnecting the battery or removing an arming plug at the flight line fence openings or at one of the two fold up tables along the flight line fence.
    • We recommend that this take effect spring of 2016. This will allow time for two folding tables to be designed, built and installed in the spring
  • Proposed rule not voted on yet, Scott S. asked all members to send comments to John R. for further review by the sub team.
  • Bob K. suggested adding electric aircraft rule modification to the existing rule # 11 vs. creating a new rule
  • Further discussion took place on what making electric planes safe means, if are using an arming switch, need to remove until at the flight line, you can keep you battery plugged in.  If no Deans style arming switch is used you must have your battery disconnected until you are at the flight line.

New Members:

  • No new members


  • No Visitors


  • The AMA reduced rate for 1 or 2 years ends on 9/15/15, don’t miss out on renewing your membership savings

Old Business:

  • The Kid’s fly that was scheduled for August 29th, was rained out, Scott S’s. batting average for selecting event dates needs improvingJ
    • Had new kids planned to come out to fly
    • To date kids fly has not generated new members

New Business:

  • Dave Jamrog raised a question about club sending cards etc. to deceased members and/or member’s immediate family members. Members decided not to make this a standard within the club, but to do it on an individual bases
  • Bill Porter requested to be referred to as Bill not Mr. Porter
  • Take off and grow grant, Scott S. will be issuing a thank you / update letter to the AMA, thanking them for the Tag Grant award of $600. Scott will outline stats and provide photos of the events
  • Members voted for a new Secretary, Mike was approved by the members to be the next club Secretary. The club members thanked Tom S. for his two years of fulfilling the club’s Secretary responsibilities


  • No events planned

Comments and Questions:

  • None

 Next Meeting

  • October meeting will be at Cobblestone Monday 10/5 at 7P

Meeting adjourned:

  • 9:36AM

Meeting attendees:

Dave Jamrog, Mike, Mort Wright, Bill Porter, Rich Moore, Scott Storteboom, George Keefe, Tom Schmidt, Larry Weller, Dave VerHoef, Dan Thomann, Bob Kovaks, Jim Tibbitts, Ray Weller, Tom Ziemba

One thought on “Meeting Minutes – September 2015

  1. Miss you guys already. Had a great time while I was a member and it was a sad day when I left. I do think I have found a RC flier down here and am trying to make contact. Perhaps I will be in the air again soon. To all the members that helped me so much, thank you all. TCAF is a great club, best wishes to you all and may the club grow and prosper.

    Don Breazeale

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