Meeting Minutes – April 2016

Meeting called to order:

  • 7:10 by President Dave J

Secretary’s Report:

  • Accepted by vote of members present

Treasurers Report:

  • $2790.70
  • No expenses
  • No further income
  • Approved by members present

Safety Report/Field Maintenance:

  • Everything is safe
  • Check your batteries

New Members:

  • John K
  • Terry G


  • None


  • Our club will be in the AMA magazine next month for District 7. Dave had advanced copy of article
  • The club will not enforce AMA registration or labeling of planes. You may take individual action of your choice.
  • May 7th at 10:00AM. Boy Scout troop coming to fly after meeting. (Mike to send email reminder to club members)

Old Business:

  • Rules discussion
    • Bob would like the old rule number 5 added back related to inspection of new planes
      • Will be added back in
    • Bob asked about the rule of allowing only four planes in the air at a time (Old #15)
      • Will be added back in
    • Bob spoke of a taxi way that was half the distance between fences that you were allowed to taxi in or out of but plane must be (Markers would but put in the ground)
      • Will be added to rules to replace Section 5 rule 5.
    • Motion to approve rules as edited per tonight’s discussion

New Business:

  • Signs need to be put up at road and on shelter. David V will do when the weather gets good.
  • Need to put something up at the field for people to take with them for information on the club.


  • May 7th – Boy Scouts
  • TCAF Fly In June 18 – Mike T (Sanction and advertise to other clubs)
  • TCAF Fly In August 13 – John R (Sanction and advertise to other clubs)
  • Come and Fly May 14 (Community invited. Intro fly) – David V will coordinate
  • May 4 – First hot dog night for the year – Dave J

Comments and Questions:

  • John printed up an intro to the hobby informational page

Next Meeting

  • May 7th at the club field at 9:00AM

Meeting adjourned:

  • 8:04 by member vote

Meeting attendees:
Dave J, John K, Terry G, Jim H, John R, David V, Mike T, Scott S, Bob K


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