Meeting Minutes – April 2017

Meeting called to order:

  • 1910 (7:10PM)       by President Dave Jamrog

Secretary’s Report:

  • Minutes from last meeting reviewed by George Keefe
  • Minutes from last meeting approved by member vote

Treasurers Report:

  • Reviewed by Treasurer Dave VerHoef
  • $3070.53 in account
  • Paid AMA Charter-$120
  • # OF PAID MEMBERS:   22 paid members
  • Currently 10 members overdue for 2017 dues.
  • Approved by member vote

Safety Report/Field Maintenance:

  • NOTES FROM SAFETY OFFICER John Russcher: If you visit the field, please be careful.  The approach drive and field are still very wet and muddy from our winter weather.  No real field activity during winter months.

New Members:

  • None to report this meeting.


  • None


Old Business:

  • Follow up on proposed change to club dues policy because of current net negative cash flow concerns.
    • Current By-Law/Policy;
      • Article 2: DUES
        • Section A: Amount
          • Part 4:
            • Individuals having been a member of Tulip City Air Force for 10 consecutive years, at the attainment of 70 years of age will be awarded, at no cost, lifetime membership with all rights and privileges.
          • Proposed change to Part 4 above:
            • “Lifetime member” policy as follows: Current lifetime members shall maintain their status (Grandfathered). No further lifetime memberships shall be awarded effective January 1, 2017.
            • This has been scheduled for final discussion and voting during the next scheduled club meeting.

New Business:              

  • See “Events” below


  • Come and Fly Events are also scheduled for this summer.
    • Based on Scott Storteboom’s recommendations the following dates are the planned “Come and Fly” scheduled dates @ 1830-2030 (6:30PM-8:30PM)(all on Wednesday evenings):
      • 31 May
      • 14 June
      • 21 June
      • 28 June
      • 12 July
      • 19 July
      • 26 July
    • No “Come and Fly” events are currently scheduled for August or later.
    • Club hotdog nights will still be another fun time. First one on Wednesday, 3 May.
    • First Streamer Combat event will be Wednesday 3 May.
    • For all planned events dates and times, please refer to the Club calendar on our Web and Face Book pages.

Comments and Questions:

Next Meeting

  • Saturday , 6 May 2017 at 0900 (9AM) at the Field.  Come fly the FRIENDLY FIELD!

Meeting adjourned:

  • 1936 (7:36 PM)    by member vote

Meeting attendees:

  • ATTENDEES:  James Hartmann, Dave Jamrog, Steve Kastens, George Keefe,  John Russcher,  Scott Storteboom,  Dave VerHoef.

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