Meeting Minutes – August 2017

Meeting called to order:

  • 0901(09:00AM)       by President Dave Jamrog

Secretary’s Report:

  • Minutes from last meeting reviewed by George Keefe
  • Minutes from last meeting approved by member vote

Treasurers Report:

  • Reviewed by George Keefe for Treasurer Dave VerHoef
  • As of today we have $3,736.80 in the checkbook of which $3,450.75 is for club use.  The remaining money is from the TAG Grant and must be used for that.
  • We have spent $213.95 of the $500 TAG Grant for the Come and Fly events.
  • I need to know if anyone thinks we need to keep the old gas grill, otherwise I will get rid of it.
  • So far we have made $235.98 from the combat flying.
  • Prior to October, I must submit the non-profit annual report at a cost of $20.  The next big expense is mowing which will come in December.  It looks like we should be in the black for this year.

Safety Report/Field Maintenance:

  • Concerns were noted about the safety of guests and observers during evens suck as Come and Fly, and Combat Competitions and any other events when observers are present. The specific concern is how to keep people safe if a pilot loses control of a plane and the plane flies past the safety line towards observers.
    • The decision was made to have someone designated at these events to brief all attending about the possible hazards associated with RC Flying and how attention to the current event activities is important to everyone’s safety
    • In addition this particular concern shall remain an active safety issue and all ideas to improve our safety in this particular area are very, very welcome.


  • New Members:
  • None


  • None


  • Field lease signed by the owner. Announanced by President Dave Jamrog.
  • July Combat Fly event rescheduled to Wednesday, 23 August at 1820 (6:20pm).  Announced by John Russcher.
  • Club potluck Wednesday night @ 6pm (1800), 6 September 2017.

Old Business:

  • See “Events” below

New Business:              

  • See “Events” below
  • It is time to nominate and elect Club Officers for calendar year 2018.
    • Current officers have volunteered to continue in office(if desired by the membership) and are incumbent candidates for the elections which will be held during the next meeting.


  • No “Come and Fly” events are currently scheduled for August or later.
  • Club potluck Wednesday night @ 6pm (1800), 6 September 2017.
  • Streamer Combat events.
    • 23 August @1820 (6:20pm)
    • 6 September @ 1830 (6:30pm)
  • For all planned events dates and times, please refer to the Club calendar on our Web and Face Book pages.

Comments and Questions:

Next Meeting

  • Saturday , 9 Septemer 2017 at 0900 (9AM) at the Field.  Come fly the FRIENDLY FIELD!
  • Meeting adjourned:  0929 (09:29AM) by member vote

Meeting attendees:

  • ATTENDEES:  Dave Jamrog,  George Keefe, Bill McVea, Bill Porter, John Russcher, Lucas Russcher, Scott Storteboom, Mike Tharp,  Jim Tibbitts, Ray Weller, Mort Wright

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