Meeting Minutes – May 10th, 2021

NOTE:  These minutes are preliminary and will not be final until approved by member vote at the next club meeting. Please notify the club secretary John Russcher, via email ( of any corrections and/or errors as soon as possible. 

Meeting called to order:

  • 7:02pm by Dave Jamrog

Secretary’s Report: John Russcher

  • The January 11th 2021 meeting minutes were reviewed.  
  • A motion was made and seconded and the January 11th meeting minutes were approved by member vote.

Treasurer’s Report: Dave VerHoef

  • The club expenditures and account balances were reviewed. This includes the general fund and Field improvement balances. This information can be found in the member’s only area of the club webpage or by contacting treasure Dave VerHoef.
  • We were informed that TCAF was awarded a field improvement grant in the amount of $3,000. The check should arrive late May or early June.
  • A motion was made and seconded and the treasures report was approved by member vote.

Safety Report/Field Maintenance: Steve Kastens

  • New 911 sheet was posted on one of the tables. Please look for this the next time you are at the field so that you are familiar with its location.
  • The fire extinguisher with be brought back out and will be attached to one of the tables.
  • New noodles will be installed on the starting tables.
  • Extra trash bags are at the bottom of the garbage cans.
  • A motion was made and seconded and the safety report was approved by member vote.  

Visitors and/or New Members:

  • Harry Burgus

Announcements and Upcoming Events:

  • none

Old Business:

  • Field budget report. Expenses for the new field were reviewed.  

New Business:

  • A new 8’ table is being built for a charging station. It will be placed next to the electrical pole facing north and south.  Two duplex electrical boxes will be installed at some point on the top center of the table.  

Comments and Questions:                                                                                                                                       

  • None

Next Meeting:

  • August, date to be determined at the Club Field

Meeting Adjourned:

  • Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.


  • Members present: Dave Jamrog, Dave VerHoef, Steve Kastens, John Russcher, Scott Storteboom, Mike VanAanhold, Tyler Kastens, Jim Herron, Larry Weller, Ryan Quelle, Ron Nienhuis, Ray Weller, RJ Selby and Joel Van Oyen

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