Meeting Minutes – January 23rd, 2023

Call meeting to order:

  • 7:00pm by Dave Jamrog

Secretary’s Report: John Russcher

  • The September 19th, 2022 meeting minutes were posted on the club website for review. No edits were made. A motion was made, seconded and the September 19th, 2022 meeting minutes were approved by member vote.
  • Membership, we started 2022 with 55 members, currently we have 74 members, 19-member increase in 2022.  

Treasure’s Report: Mike VanAanhold

  • Our 2022 income was $6,214.94(Budgeted $6,110) and our expense were $4,616.37(Budgeted $6,110). Our income less expenses was $1,598.57.
  • General checking account balance $5,115.88, Field Fund balance $3,924.98, Runway Replacement Fund balance $625, Mower Replacement Fund balance $500.
  • Motion Request – The officers would like to move the unused income of $1,598.57 from the 2022 budget to the following three funds.
    • Mower replacement $500
    • Runway Replacement $250
    • Field Fund $848.57

This would leave $3,515.11 the general checking account balance to start 2023 with. A motion was made, seconded and approved by member vote.

  • Dues change. If paying dues by PayPal Full Membership Dues will be $62 and Youth Membership will be $12. This is to offset the fees that PayPal is now charging us to receive funds through PayPal. A motion was made, seconded and approved by member vote.

Safety/Field Report – Steve Kastens

  • 200’ long x 10’ wide x 4” thick of gravel was install mid-December. This was paid for with funds out of the field fund.
  • Additional flight line fence will be installed this spring as well as painting a centerline on the runway. There is also some tape that has come loose from the runway seams.
  • Dave VerHoef brough up that we should add a board with the AMA safety rules and club rules.
  • A motion was made, seconded and approved by member vote.

Visitors and /or New Members:

  • No visitors or new members

Old Business

  • None

New Business

  • The pavilion survey was discussed and the officers will continue their discussion about a pavilion.
  • Presentation of the 2023 Budget. A motion was made, second and the 2023 budget was approved by member vote.


  • 7:43 by Dave Jamrog


  • Members present: Dave Jamrog, John Russcher, Scott Storteboom, Mike VanAanhold, Steve Kastens, Tyler Kastens, Ray Weller, Dave VerHoef, Mike Tharp, Larry Weller, Bill Rowlee, Jim Herron, Tom Heetderks.

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