Jerry Timmer’s New Airplane

Hi Guys,
Along with the usual winter inspections/repairs/upgrades and etc. to my fleet, I added a new plane to the hanger.
This is the Pilot RC 25% Sbach 342 in the Thunderbolt color scheme. I installed a DLE 30 with a Xoar 19×8 PJA Series Beechwood Prop and a wrap around style muffler I had from another engine. All up weight with out fuel is 10 Lbs. 14 Oz. It should have unlimited vertical. A LIFE battery (A123 type) will power the Hitec Optima 7 receiver. The engine ignition has a Rcexl Opto kill switch along with a manual shut off. This one may replace the U-Can-Do 60 as my favorite.
Jerry Timmer

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