Updates from Ron and Mort

Hi Everyone,

Sunday Afternoon and it’s a good time to let friends know what’s going on in Florida.

We are having nice weather and enjoying it. Doing the fun stuff along with no hurry to do it. We’ve had Family visiting us and spend a lot of time with Friends here.

Since most of you are Flying Friends I’ll fill you in on that. I finally got my new Extra 260 done and flew it yesterday. It flew really nice, only had a little Elevator trim and it was good. Balance turned out that no down elevator needed when inverted so I was impressed with that. I flew 2 times, the 2nd time I lost the connection of one Aileron and made it down OK with a broken Prop and slightly bent gear but all is well.

Mort is flying his new Hangar 9. Yesterday he made his 20th flight. He really likes it. He had his Canopy fly off his Extra330 and is having a hard time finding a new one. They don’t make that plane and parts are hard to find. That happens when you forget bolts!!!

I’ve included some pictures if you want to view them. All of us are well & healthy. I hope You are too.

Friends Always,


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