First Gasser Build!

Santa brought me a DLE-30 this Christmas and I finally have an airframe! I went with a 68″ Velox. It was a used frame that I found on The person I purchased the frame from was a member of Warped Wings in Allendale. He originally had it setup for electric but I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for my DLE-30. So far I have mounted the engine, mounted my two switches, mounted the ignition(NiMH) and power system battery (A123). Both batteries are mounted in back for CG reasons. All servos and linkages have been installed. I am using Hitec HS-7985’s, there should be plenty of torque for any maneuver that I can do or will be able to do. I still have quite a bit to do but progress is being made! Spring cannot come soon enough. I will post more pictures when I get further along. If any of you have comments or suggestions please leave a comment. Since this is my first gas engine build all are welcome!

2 thoughts on “First Gasser Build!

  1. Aaron, you are going to love the DLE 30. Mine was flawless this past summer in the RCGUYS Super Decathlon. You should be able to fly 3D with yours in the Velox. If you haven’t done so already put a genuine NGK CM-6 spark plug in it. Your install looks good. Jerry

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