For Sale

For Sale

Your choice of two trainer and mild aerobatic planes. These are both Thunder Tiger Planes. One orange and one blue. The blue one I have used the last year for training flyers at our field and for my son and grandsons. It flies very well and has an OS .40 FP engine, and futuba fm receiver and servos, all relatively new. The orange one has a Thunder Tiger GP .42 engine and Airtronics FM Transmitter, receiver, and servos also I have flown this one day and it also flies fine. Asking Price is $185.00 . For any one beginning in our hobby either is a fine beginning place. Or to have just a good sport plane either would work fine for you. Either of these planes are basically ready to fly, you would need a Fm transmitter for the Blue one and that is all, for the Orange one you have a plane ready to fly now.

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