Cheap Pylon Racing

Mike and I are starting to build a couple of pylon racers. We are doing it on the cheap and are starting out with two different styles of planes. They are both using cheap power systems and should go very fast for there size. I believe mine should go roughly 90+mph flat and level. That is really fast for a plane that only has a wing span of 23″! I hope my eyes can keep up with it! The plane I will be using is a Steven’s Aero Adrenaline Rush. There is a thread on RCgroups if you would like more information. The power system that most people are using:

3s – 850mah Nanotech Batteries
Turnigy 25amp ESC
4.75×4.75 Prop
2 – 5G HXT Servos
Turnigy 2750 – 3000kv Motor
Stick Mount

As I said before guys are typically getting 90+ miles an hour for about 4 minutes with this setup. I do not know the specs of Mike’s plane but feel free to join in on the fun! I know there are a few of you out there that love to turn and burn! They say the plane flies great in the wind as well. It does not cost a whole lot to build so no worries if you get a case of the dumb thumbs 🙂 They say it profiles out when flying, you just need to trust it is still there! Remember, there is no reason to fly full throttle with this bad boy until you can handle the RUSH!

Here is a video of the one Mike is building. Wow, looks like fun!

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