Steven’s Aero AR Build Part 1

I received my AR mini pylon racer yesterday. The kit was well packaged and everything arrived in tip top condition. I was surprised to see that it even came with a small sanding block! That being said one could easily build this plane from scratch. The kit was only $24 and it was nice to have the parts laser cut. The instructions  come with  layout/plans on the sizes of parts these can be found on The kit came with the wing, tail section, control horns, one carbon tube, pushrod and a push rod guide.

Not to creep anyone out with the mask but sanding balsa makes a lot dust. I recommend wearing a mask. Sanding the airfoil took around 20 minutes. It’s only my second time sanding a wing but I would say this it was fairly easy. You are basically sanding down 3/16 medium grade balsa plank to the shape of an airfoil. Stevensaero had sanding guides pre-etched into it. I am not sure how exact it needs to be but it turned out well. How good of airfoil can a 3/16 piece of wood have? 🙂
 At that point my wife came home and I called it a night. The batteries from Hobbyking also arrived. It only took 2 days from the USA warehouse. I am still waiting on the power system. The parts are coming from Hong Kong. I have read on the forums that the power system could have been purchased at


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