89″ AJ Slick Build Day 3

After a few month hiatus from building the AJ Slick I am back at it. The Robins have arrived to sing their sweet song in the morning, that can only mean spring is almost here! Time to get of my lazy kester and finish up the largest, most expensive plane in my fleet. I am really trying to build this plane right, as a lawn dart with this plane might just make me give up on this hobby for awhile….Ok probably not,but still. It looked pretty coming out of its packaging and I hope to build it right and keep it that way. I focused on servo installation today. I am using Hitec 7955TG servos. Quite the upgrade from the HXT900’s I am used to buying. Almost had to take out a home equity loan just for the dang servos. I should be able to use them in larger birds if I ever go bigger, and yes in this hobby bigger is better! For the first time I am using SWB metal control horns. I am using 2″ horns on the elevator halves and the ailerons. The rudder is a wire pull-pull system and it will be using a 4″ SWB rudder horn. It will be my first time rigging a wire system so YouTube here I come. It was also the first time installing servos inside of elevator halves. It took a bit of time but I eventually got it. My magnetized screw drivers were a godsend. One tip for anyone using SWB arms. They are a tight fit. Get the grooves just started and use the screw to pull them down over the splines. This will make them much easier to take on and off later. I only had to do this with the elevator servos as the servos would not fit inside the elevator half with the control horn preinstalled. To some today’s work up. My wings have the servos installed and were placed in their storage bags and set in the garage. The elevator halves have been installed on the plane with their servos. I mounted the rudder control horn on the rudder servo. Tomorrow I will work on the wire rigging. Enjoy the pics! Also for those of you using a DX7 and need to use two servos for the ailerons and two servos for the elevator check out this link. It helped me setup the correct mixing on my radio. http://www.spektrumrc.com/Articles/Article.aspx?ArticleID=1798
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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