89 AJ Slick Day 4

Installed the rudder today using the pull-pull wire system. Since plenty of wire was provided with the plane I installed the servo end first. Before I started I watched a few videos to see how they recommend installing the wire system. I started by taping the rudder straight the vertical stab. During crimping of the last wire I crimped a little hard and cut the wire. Whoops! I ran to Cobblestone Hobbies and picked up some more wire. The second time around I did not crimp quite as hard. I was told to crimp in an ‘X’ to extra crimping power. I finished it off by applying a little CA to the crimps. The wire is tight but not guitar string tight. I will have to show one of the guys at the field to see if it should be tighter. I think the next step is installing the engine and throttle servo!

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