Sprinkler Pump

Thanks to the guys that came out to help put the pump in. Many hands make light work. Unfortunately the pump did not work as expected. The pump would pump water but would not kick in to high gear. Bob is going to take a look at it. Mike and I also talked to the land owner. The pond is way down due to the lack of rain. He wants us to make sure we pump water below the blue dye as the dye is expensive. Mike and I went out on Sunday to make sure the point is 2ft below the surface. It should be pumping clear water were it is now. If everyone could keep an eye on things, that would be appreciated. If you see blue water coming out of the sprinklers please let one of the officers know ASAP. If the pond loses more water we might have to add more extensions in order to make the point deeper.

One thought on “Sprinkler Pump

  1. I would like the last two pictures entered into evidence of attempted drowning of the President…ha.
    And no, I am not wearing a white t-shirt, I just look that good 😉

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