First Crash in Some Time

Well it finally happened, one of my planes went in. I think it has been two years since I have had a destructive crash. There have been some hair raising moments but I always managed to make it right. Tonight was a different story. After a nice walk with Rachael and Carmen I thought it would be a nice night to fly at the local school yard. I was about half way through with my first battery when I was going to start practicing a few maneuvers. I went into a loop, on the down side of the loop I tried pulling out. Guess what, absolutely nothing…. I wiggled my elevator stick up and down rapidly but nothing happend. Into the corn went the Mini Ultra Stick. After fetching my plane it looks like my elevator servo went bad. All servos are functioning with out any problems except the ever important elevator servo. I should be able to rebuild the plane with out any issue. The motor is caked in dirt and will need a good cleaning. At least it was not the big slick!

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