Meeting Minutes – May 2015

Meeting called to order:

  • May 2nd at 9:00 AM

Secretary’s Report:

  • April meeting minutes were read and approved by all members in attendance.

Treasury Report:

  • Dave VerHoef was not able to attend the May meeting, report tabled until the June club meeting.
  • Safety Report/Field Maintenance
  • Reminder to turn off engines in pits area before bringing planes to table area.
  • Recommendation to install buckets with sand in them for fire protection at the field.
  • Discussed the need to purchase a new fire extinguisher.
  • The new club sign will be installed within the next 2 weeks.

New Members

  • Justin Rutkauskas requested to join the club, motion to accept member, new member approved.


  • No visitors


  • There were no new announcements.

Old Business

  • Property owner was supposed to install some slag in the driveway, it does not look like he added any.

New Business

  • George Keefe suggested installing a weather station at the club field. It was determined that WIFI would be needed to operate one, which the club does not have
  • Scott Storteboom reviewed the $600 Tag Grant the club received. The recommendation to purchase two new electric Apprentice trainer planes with 2 extra batteries was made. A motion was made and approved by the club members present to accept the recommendation. The board members will meet and prepare a plan for the storage, use and overall direction for the TAG Grant requirements. The plan will be presented at the June club meeting, seeking input and acceptance from members in attendance.
  • Tom Schmidt donated a FM transmitter/receiver and buddy box for a nitro trainer plane that Bob Kovacs is storing.
  • There was a recommendation to create an inventory document on what the club has and where the items are store. The plan is for the treasurer to develop and maintain the document.


  • June hotdog night is scheduled for June 3rd at 6PM, John Russcher will be the grill master on duty.
  • Intro to flying, May 30th, 10AM – 1PM at the TCAF field.
  • CARDS Warbirds and Classics Airshow June 4,5 & 6.

Comments and Questions

  • None

Next Meeting

  • June 6 at the club field, 9AM

Meeting adjourned

  • 9:32AM

Meeting attendees: Dave Jamrog, Jerry Timmer, Donald Breazeale, Mike, Mort Wright, Ron Nienhuis, Bill Porter, Rich Moore, Ray Weller, Jim Tibbits, Kenny Ly, Lucas Russcher, John, Russcher, Scott Storteboom, Ryan Storeboom, George Keefe, Tom Schmidt, Randy Schregardus, Tom Ziemba, Bob Kovacs, Justin Rutkauskas

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