Bob Kovacs Edge 540 Maiden

This morning, August 22nd, 2016 at 9:30ish, Bob Kovacs maiden his new Seagull Edge 540. The Edge 540 has a 77 1/2″ wing span and is powered by a OS 160.

After a few taxis up and down the runway the Edge 540 took to the air. It was immediately apparent that it needed some up trim for level flight.  After trimming it flew very nice. A stall test shown that there wasn’t any harsh tip stalling. It just faded to the left a little and the wings stayed level. After a couple minutes the motor quit and Bob brought it in for a perfect dead stick landing.

After a few tweeks and adjustments Bob took off again and proceeded to rip up the sky until the motor quit again. Another beautiful dead stick landing followed and the Edge was safely back on the ground.

Look for Bob and his Edge 540 at the field!

-John Russcher

2016-08-22 09.26.29


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