Sr Telemaster Maiden

Ryan and Scott Storteboom finally finished their Sr Telemaster.  They have been working on the airplane for the past 3 years. Friday evening was the much anticipated maiden flight.  There was very little wind which made it a perfect night for the maiden. John Russcher did a preflight check as well as initial takeoff and landing. Scott flew the airplane once it was trimmed out.

One thing Scott learned is that his charger is too small. the 6s 5800mAh battery takes 2 hours to charge. With a high output charger it could be charged in less than 30 minutes.

Scott said “I could not believe how easy this plane is to see and fly”. Scott has the Telemaster setup with a tow release for sailplanes, flaps and a bomb drop. It should be a fun airplane for Ryan and Scott for many years.


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