Special Meeting Minutes – January 9th, 2020

NOTE:  These minutes are preliminary and will not be final until approved by member vote at the next club meeting. Please notify the club secretary John Russcher, via email (planeaddicted@gmail.com) of any corrections and/or errors as soon as possible. 

Meeting called to order:

  • 7:00pm by Dave Jamrog

Introduction and Site Map – Dave Jamrog

  • An introduction and a meeting agenda was passed out.
  • A status update about the old field.
  • Overview of the budget status. This entailed current operating budget status and proposed capital budget for the new field. Current operating budget will be kept separate from the new field project funding.
  • Reviewed the proposed Taylor street site layout (see attached).

AMA Grant – Scott Storteboom

  • Reviewed the timeline of the AMA Site Improvement Grant application process. This includes application, approval and completion of the project.

Site Budget – John Russcher

  •  Reviewed the Taylor Street site budget line by line including runway, electrical and building (see attached).

Donations – Steve Kastens

  • Discussed donations received to date, donation receipts and pledge cards and outside donation possibilities.

Questions – Entire Board

  • Reviewed questions on the site map, AMA grant, site budget and donations.
  • We encouraged members to contact any board member if they have any further question.


  • A motion was made and seconded to accept the site plan and budget as proposed. A ballot was provided and the motion was unanimously carried.

Meeting Adjourned:

  • 8:35pm meeting adjourned.


  • Members present: Dave Jamrog, John Russcher, Dave VerHoef, Steve Kastens, Scott Storteboom, Dan Thomann, Bill Porter, Mike Tharp, Mike VanAanhold, Tom Heetderks, Ray Weller, Tyler Kastens, Bob Kovacs, Sherwyn Lamer, Justin Boetsma, Lucas Russcher, Kelly Ellerbroek, Larry Weller



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